Scavenger Lightsaber Staff (Rey inspired replica)

One of the “Themes” in the design thread of Saberforge’s forum was “what if…?”. Members came up with saber designs for certain characters in the Star Wars saga and for other popular movie, comic book or animated series etc. In the run up to “The Force Awakens” there was a lot of speculation as to whether the staff Rey carried was in fact a lightsaber weapon. Folks wanted to recreate the staff and this is my attempt to do so. This also led to my next concept and a pair of sabers I will post next. Firstly though I will show you my interpretation of Rey’s staff.

I call this Scavenger…

I felt this was a pretty close likeness to Rey’s staff using the parts available. The last picture shows where my thought process was leading. I had the idea that Rey may use parts of her staff to create two sabers from the end pieces, and fight with two sabers, a style known as Jar’Kai.

In the end it turned out that….wait I won’t say what happened in the film (there may still be someone who hasn’t seen it yet!” Let’s just say it didn’t follow the pattern I had imagined but I still had two saber designs that Rey might have used. I will showcase these in my following post. I hope you will come back and take a look!

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