Big Red One Lightsaber (A saber for Knytiri)

Maybe the one person who is most responsible for my journey into designing is the former administrator of Saberforge’s forum. This person was affectionately known as the “Big Red One” and was also known as Knytiri. Knytiri organised the little design contest that was held on the forum that I was fortunate enough to win. This boosted my confidence and convinced me I could design these futuristic weapons.

After some ups and downs within the forum (including a famous battle against Spammers attacking the site) the point in time came where Knytiri felt he had to leave the community he had helped hold together. A very sad day. The members left messages and well wishes but I wanted to go further and designed this Saberstaff in his honour..

This is Big Red One..

I hope that Knytiri gets to see this design one day, as sadly I didn’t get to exchange contact details with him before he left the community. So this has been my thank you to him and I wish him well.


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