Batman Original Lightsaber

I mentioned “Themed Sabers” in my last post of Borommakot’s Martyr Lightsaber. This refers to a topic on the Saberforge forum where members would design sabers based on a particular theme. They ranged from “what if…” concepts, movie crossover designs and even a series of hilts inspired by Wrestlers! At the time members were excited about The Dark Knight film and Batman. I submitted this design (modified from my first) as a possible weapon for Batman to use.

It was described as “Wow that’s Monstrous!” I think that was a compliment to my design but I’ll let you decide..

This was the first time I used an Emitter as a Pommel but you’ll note it isn’t lit yet, I had that idea a little later. Some people who know me and my designs may notice this has a different coloured blade from when I first displayed it. I thought later a yellow blade worked better, but here are two pictures of earlier variants..

So this was my first foray into Themed Saber designs. I went on to design hilts based on sports teams, movies, comic book heroes and a series of sabers dedicated to Wrestling stars (One wrestler was a member of the forum!). I will post more of these designs in upcoming galleries but for now thanks for checking this design out!

Batman and related names are Trademark/©Copyright of DC Comics.

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