Borommakot’s Martyr Lightsaber

Another busy saber enthusiast I have the pleasure of knowing is Borommakot. He has a large portfolio of designs and this was I believe, the first he actually purchased. There is a subtle elegance to the design, all the lines flow seamlessly and the dual-tone finish sets off the colour of the blade nicely. Once he got the special washers to align the parts as he wanted this saber turned into a real beauty, here are the render pictures…

As I mentioned Borommakot purchased this hilt and when he received it posted a review online and here are a few pictures he included of the actual hilt..

I would like to thank Borommakot for permission to post this fabulous saber for you all to see. I hope to add more of his designs in future, as I know he has a nice range of “Themed” sabers based on the Signs of the Zodiac.

Till my next post, thank you for looking in.