For Tyeth’s First

My ASP Winning Design.

Saberforgeforum held a competition in December 2015 where members of the forum had a chance to design a saber and win a prize pack. I had just begun experimenting with Saberforge’s Adaptive Saber Parts Builder and this was my first attempt. By some stroke of luck my design won and convinced me to attempt more designs and so launched my journey.

I now have over 200 designs but here I present “Tyeth’s First”.




Hi Everybody…

I am For Tyeth, and I plan on making this my “New Home”.

I discovered that I had a bit of talent designing Lightsabers so I will be showcasing some of my Lightsaber designs and some from my friends here!

You can find all the designs in the Saber Gallery.

As the site grows I hope to bring you news from the world of sabers!