Onslaught Lighsaber FTE

I have mentioned “FTE” elsewhere, here I shall show you exactly what FTE is!

A forum member I know created a character for a story, who was very big and very POWERFUL. This character needed a Lightsaber. The member asked the community to help design one. I felt that the weapon would need extra power and I wondered how I could portray this. I found a way to create the effect of an extra power source, called a Crystal Chamber. This I did by attaching an Emitter (blade holder) on the end of the body of the saber instead of a Pommel (end cap). This section was illuminated to look like a source of energy.

This is my design, this is Onslaught FTE..

I was the first person to achieve this effect with Saberforge’s system. Another member Jonnys95s10 was so impressed by this technique he gave it the name of “For Tyeth Emitter/Pommel” or “FTE”. I am humbled by this gesture and thank him for his kind words and comments. I hope you enjoyed Onslaught FTE, more designs will follow soon.

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