Eddlyss64 -The Staff of Hunger

I now have the pleasure of introducing another friend of mine, Master Eddlyss, who created a stunning double bladed staff saber. It looks purposeful and has a really co-ordinated feel to it. Each part flows into the next with matching leather grips. I believe he got his inspiration for this design from the ©Lego Bionicle range of figures.

Master Eddlyss named this wonderful creation The Staff of Hunger, and I thank him for sharing this. More designs will appear later.

Master Eddlyss has also created a Community on Google+ called Lightsaber Combat.Here members can discuss various aspects of Saber Combat and the different Lightsaber Forms and the types of hilts used. I was honoured to be asked by Master Eddlyss to Moderate on this site and there is a link to it in the Blogroll situated in the sidebar.